Despite not being owned by Sony, Insomniac Games has already produced two of the PS3's best titles to date- Resistance: Fall of Man , the console's best launch game by far, and the recently released Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction , which has enjoyed widespread critical acclaim. Therefore, it seems obvious the team is comfortable with the complicated architecture of Sony's system, and even better, they predict great things for the future.

According to a interview with Insomniac Chief Creative Officer Brain Hastings, the PS3 is one powerful machine that still has a ways to go.

"The amount of action we're able to put on the screen at 60 frames per second really dwarfs what we were able to do a year ago at 30 frames per second," said Hastings. "What's most exciting is the way things are headed right now I think we'll see just as big a leap from our second generation engine to our third as we did from the first to second."

As was the case with the PS2, games increased drastically in visual quality over the years. Try comparing launch titles like Tekken Tag Tournament and Summoner to God of War II and Final Fantasy XII , for example; they may as well be games on two entirely different systems. We've been expecting the exact same growth process on the PS3 right from the start, and it seems Insomniac agrees with that theory.

"We're already seeing a big leap in what people are able to do with the PS3 now compared to a year ago, and we're going to see just as big a leap between now and the end of 2008," said the Insomniac Games Chief Creative Officer. "I think we're going to continue seeing major leaps each year in what people are able to do with the machine for at least three or four more years."

Now, aren't you excited about this generation on the PS3? You should be.

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