So…is it, or isn't it? We've all been wondering if PS3 owners would be getting The Orange Box this year, as rumors and even announcements of delays have caused us fits. Furthermore, neither EA or Valve has been very forthcoming on the issue, which only compounds our anxiety. We want one of the best games of the year in 2007, not 2008!

Well, we do have some good news for European gamers. It seems an EA representative has confirmed to that the PS3 version of The Orange Box is scheduled to hit stores in Europe some time this December. There's no exact date and no word on whether or not this is true for North America, though. At this point, we're just hoping it arrives in both regions before Christmas; it was supposed to have launched alongside the Xbox 360 and PC versions last month, but Valve's development troubles with the PS3 has delayed the game's release.

Gabe Newell hasn't been quiet when it comes to the PS3, either. He clearly doesn't like Sony's next-gen system too much, but the mini-rants sound a lot more like sour grapes to us…especially when plenty of other developers out there have been capable of producing equal-quality, simultaneous multiplatform releases. Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed , for example. Anyway, we'll let you know when – and if – EA confirms The Orange Box for 2007 in this country.

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