Any time we can speed up the loading and general gaming process, we're happy. And any time a developer works to give us the smoothest experience possible, we certainly appreciate the effort.

We have no doubt that Unreal Tournament 3 will be one of the best games of the year, and easily one of the best FPSs out there (despite the fact the competition couldn't possibly be stiffer). But as it turns out, if PS3 owners want slightly faster loading times, they will be able to install about 3.5 gigs of content directly to the hard drive. Mark Rein spoke about this option in a recent post over at the official UT forums:

"Yes there is an install option which places a bunch of the commonly used content on your hard drive to speed up loading and texture streaming times a bit. It does not install everything – you still have to put the disc in the drive to run the game. The install is absolutely not essential. The game runs just fine from the Bluray and load times aren't bad but if you're going to play the game a lot, and you've got an extra 3.5Gb on your hard drive, then you might as well do the install because the few seconds you save here and there will add up over time. If you want to free up space you can delete the installed data at any time."

Oh, we plan on playing a lot. There are plenty of others out there who intend to do the same, so this option is definitely a good one. We never really have a problem with loading times, but 3.5 gigs is a small price to play if – as Rein says – we start playing a lot and that lost time "adds up." Now let's hope we see an official confirmation that UT3 PS3 will arrive this year!

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