Music games are getting a giant boost in this new generation, primarily because developers are taking advantage of the full-fledged PlayStation Network and Xbox Live online services. For something like SingStar , an option like the SingStore is a giant bonus. It's like a constantly expanding catalogue of new songs, which can be downloaded and played for a modest price.

However, up to this point, we had no idea what that price might actually be. After all, if someone starts downloading a lot of pricey add-on songs…well, that's an expensive musical endeavor. But Eurogamer has learned of the prices (for their region, anyway), and they're not bad: songs on the SingStore "will cost GBP 0.99 / EUR 1.49 each when the service launches alongside the game on 7th December." Anything you purchase will be added to the 30 songs that come with the game; the SingStore starts with 44 additional downloadable tracks. Furthermore, the game itself isn't a bad deal. The standalone Blu-Ray will retail for GBP 24.99, and you can pick up a copy with microphones included for GBP 49.99. Not only can you customize your own playlist, but you can also continue to play while new songs are downloading!

Sony has said we can expect more songs to be added on December 17, and even more after that. The SingStore should experience regular updates for quite a while, which is good news, because this is one robust online feature. Players can upload photos (which you can take with the PlayStation Eye, by the way), videos and performances to My SingStar Online, and friends can view these at Like we said, it's a new generation, and a brave new online world.

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