We never like to see good rumors die, but it seems 2K Games really wants to kill this one. Bioshock is undeniably one of the best games of the year, and ever since its release, PS3 owners have been wondering if they'd ever see this awesome title on their chosen platform. There has been some evidence that could point towards the possibility of PS3 version in early 2008, but none of that was ever confirmed.

Now, once again, 2K has to step up and shoot it down. Last week's resurrection of the Bioshock on PS3 rumor, which spread throughout the Internet like wildfire, apparently doesn't mean anything. A 2K Games moderator over at their forum community has made it all very plain-

"There will be no PS3 version of BioShock."

Remember, moderators over there actually work for 2K Games, so basically, this is an official refute of that rumor. We still believe it would make plenty of financial sense to bring this game to other platforms (how can a larger audience possibly be a bad thing?), but unfortunately, what we think doesn't count. Here's hoping 2K eventually changes their tune and Bioshock finds its way to Sony's next-gen console…sooner or later.

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