According to GameSpot's recently posted review of Ubisoft's highly anticipated action/adventure, Assassin's Creed , it seems both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are worthy of a fantastic 9 rating, but there are a couple of differences between the two versions.

As it turns out, while the 360 version of the game boasts "better lighting," the PS3 version has the benefit of "better frame rate." Normally, we love our lighting effects, but wouldn't we have to recommend the version that offers the best gameplay experience? Of course, GameSpot still saw fit to award a 9 to both versions, so the frame rate issue can't be a major one. The bottom line is, no matter which platform you buy Assassin's Creed for, you should definitely expect a great gaming experience.

However, we have noticed a surprising anomaly when taking in all the reviews so far: for whatever reason, it almost seems like you either "get" this game, or you don't. While GameSpot says it's great and gives it a 9, IGN isn't nearly as happy, as AC only garnered a 7.7. And while Game Informer said the game was worthy of an outstanding 9.5, 1Up didn't think it was any better than a 7.6. Why are we looking at point-and-a-half and even two-point differences, here? Well, we'll soon find out: expect to see our review of this potentially stunning title very soon!

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