Update: According to CVG, UK GAME retailer has said the reason for the delay in Europe is simple: there was no age rating listed on the Lair box. Evidently, it took longer than expected to get that rating, which caused the delay.

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Most critics believe Lair would've been a much better game had Factor 5 given players the option of standard analog control. And for a little while, European gamers thought the developers might've actually listened to this feedback. The game's Euro launch was delayed for a while, but we never really knew why it was delayed…could it be because they were adding analog control?

Much has been made about this possibility, because it would mean Europe would probably get a far superior version of the high-flying dragon-riding title. One rumor went so far as to say Lair would get an "updated control scheme" when it finally released in Europe, which of course would translate to an analog control mechanic. However, Dutch website InsideGamer has apparently confirmed that this isn't true; once again, players will only have the option of the Sixaxis motion sensing. Actually, they say the European version will likely be "identical" to the North American version. This won't be good news for Euro gamers, and we still have no idea why the game was delayed in the first place.

As of now, Lair is scheduled to arrive in Europe on November 16, and evidently, without any option for analog control. Oh well, maybe you guys will have better luck with the motion sensing than we U.S. gamers did.

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