Ever since the announcement of the Dual Shock 3, one very common – and very reasonable – question has been poised on the lips of many a gamer: does the DS3 work with PS2 games?

Sony has never bothered to tell us whether or not the DS3's rumble would be compatible with last-generation titles, but it seems the answer is coming to light. According to Gaming Today and PSPSPS, it seems a brief test has revealed the Dual Shock 3 will indeed do it's rumblin' thing with PS2 games. They only tested three, but the DS3 worked fine with Rez , Katamari Damacy and OutRun 2006 . However, bear in mind this testing occurred on the Japanese PS3, so there's no saying this will work for North American or European PS3s. We'd like to see them try it with more PS2 games (perhaps some of the higher profile titles out there), but for now, this is good evidence that the Dual Shock 3 is backwards compatible.

Remember, the DS3 is scheduled to arrive in Japan first, so rumble fans have been seriously considering importing the new Sixaxis. Maybe this is just the kind of news to convince them… However, we'd like to get some official confirmation from Sony at some point; testing three games on a Japanese PS3 isn't exactly irrefutable and overwhelming evidence. It's still a good sign, though.

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