Now that Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction is on store shelves, Insomniac can turn their attention to the much-anticipated Resistance: Fall of Man sequel. And according to what a "trusted source" told Ripten, they're already at the pre-Alpha testing stage. At this time, Sony is looking to hire testers for January in order to put Resistance 2 through the early testing process. Great news, we say!

Up to this point, we haven't heard much of anything about this sequel, as Insomniac has continually said they would stay focused on R&C until it was done. But now that the yellow-haired hero and his robot accomplice wowed the crowds, perhaps we can expect more details very soon. Let's hope so, because remember, the original title was easily the best PS3 launch title of 2006, and remains one of the best games on the system. What we've heard so far only constitutes as rumor, but it seems it will take place in the U.S. and there's some question as to whether or not Captain Nathan Hale will once again be the main protagonist. Oh, and there should be a far more robust online multiplayer feature, too!

Once the testing starts in January, we'll start hunting down any and all information Insomniac is willing to provide. Let's face it, even with the likes of Killzone 2 , Resistance: Fall of Man 2 will remain a big topic of discussion throughout most of next year. And dare we hope it arrives for holidays 2008…?

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