PS3 owners may not be getting The Orange Box this year, but that's okay, because Free Radical has a remedy: it's called Haze , and we've been talking about it for most of 2007. It looks great, and the PS3 is the lead platform for this highly anticipated FPS. But up until now, we never really had a written-in-stone release date.

Today, Ubisoft has changed all that, as they provided the gaming public with a UK release date for Haze : December 14. We don't know if it will be a worldwide launch on that day – we North American gamers are hoping to see it then, too – but it seems likely the U.S. will get it in time for Christmas. This comes as good news to everyone, as recent rumors have been hinting at a possible delay for Haze , which wasn't going over well. We already lost The Orange Box ; don't rob us of Haze , damnit! The competition may be stiff, but remember, Free Radical has the benefit of a unique concept and four-player co-op, both of which should appeal to most consumers.

We'll be looking for Ubisoft to nail down a North American release date, but for now, it's good to know at least Europe will definitely see Haze for the holidays.

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