Is the videogame industry the only one that actually listens to its followers? With all of the patching and updating that goes on for games post-release, in addition to listening to gamers during the development of a game, it really does seem like this is the only industry where we have a voice. After last week's announcement that the NPD would no longer publicly disclose hardware sales figures, thousands and thousands of gamers across every message board and game site expressed their discontent with the NPD.

Well, just a few short days later, and that decision has officially been overturned by the NPD. Representatives from NPD Fungroup have cited an outpour of demand for the numbers to return. Per agreement with each individual console manufacturer (Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo), NPD will be restoring the publication of their hardware sales tracking.

It just goes to show you that the consumer really is in charge of the gaming industry. We'd just like to say that we appreciate NPD's change of heart. Thanks, fellas and gals.

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