The video game industry is looking forward to another impressive holiday season, and it seems October might give it the flaying start it needs. According to and analyst Michael Pachter, he expects to see a near-50% software sales increase when the NPD releases their official October statistics (which they no longer make public).

His forecast puts software sales at $555 million for October, which would be way up over the $369 million in generated sales from October 2007. Of course, everyone always wants to see how the platforms stack up against one another, even though the PS3 is still working to become entrenched among the mainstream gaming public. Pachter didn't issue specific platform estimates, though, but he did say he expects to see $425 million come from "new platform" (PS3, 360, Wii, PSP and DS) software sales. The PS2 should still remain strong with game sales of $110 million, and not surprisingly, Pachter expects the recently released Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock to be the prime sales-getter.

See, if the NPD would just let us take a gander at the numbers, we wouldn't have to wait for reports from other people. It's always fun to read predictions and expectations, though.

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