If this doesn't spark that MGS4 on 360 rumor, nothing will.

According to Kotaku, the Games Japan Fiesta in Osaka is a pretty big deal. Publishers have "wall-to-wall demo kiosks" and they offer a wealth of updated information and details. However, in regards to Konami, the interesting news doesn't have anything to do with Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots ; no, it has something to do with Sony's next-gen hardware.

As one might expect, the Konami booth boasted an MGS4 trailer and they also handed out a brief questionnaire to attendees (fill it out, and you get a Metal Gear book). These questions were pretty standard up until the second part, where they asked the following:

This is a question for those who do not own the PLAYSTATION 3. Do you have plans to purchase it? Why is that?

1). I will purchase it (Reason:

2). I won't purchase it (Reason:

3). Undecided (Reason:

Hmm…looks like Konami might be trying to decide something. Japanese developers have been saying they've been underwhelmed by the PS3's relatively slow start (even though it's on par with worldwide Xbox 360 sales during its first year), so this could be evidence of concern. However, Hideo Kojima has continually said, quite firmly, that MGS4 will be a PS3 exclusive, and he has his reasons. So we won't be jumping the gun, here, but we are wondering…

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