All the latest Unreal Tournament 3 updates point towards the very real possibility of a 2007 release for the PS3 version. Epic's Mark Rein has issued plenty of great progress reports on the hotly anticipated FPS, but before European gamers get their hopes up too high, there's a little disclaimer to all that good news…

According to a recent article at (citing sister site, Epic's Mark Rein says he still "hopes" to provide Europe with UT3 this year, but it's more likely they won't get the game until 2008.

"Right now we're very close to a release candidate, and we should have it finished by the end of this week. Then we send it off and it's just a matter of what happens from there," said Rein. "We think there's a very solid shot we'll get out this year – I don't know about Europe. Europe's a problem because the certification process in Europe takes longer.

Apparently, it seems the problem centers on testing different languages for different countries, which is going to elongate the development process for the European release of UT3 PS3. Rein says they'll just "cross their fingers," but there's certainly no guarantee. On the other hand, those statements are good news for North American gamers- "…there's a very solid shot we'll get out this year." So our apologies to our friends across the pond, but we really wanna gloat a bit; we love our UT!

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