See, Epic? This is why you need to give us PS3 owners Unreal Tournament 3 for the 2007 holidays.

EA has just recently announced its latest batch of European release dates, and much to our chagrin, it seems The Orange Box has been hit with yet another delay. The Xbox 360 and PC versions have been out since last month, and Valve promised we'd see the PS3 version "a few weeks" later, but that clearly isn't panning out. This delay has pushed the awesome FPS out of 2007 and into next year; it now sits at January 17, 2008. Once again, Valve didn't provide us with a reason for the delay, but it seems obvious they keep running into development problems with the PlayStation 3.

Considering Valve's Gabe Newell takes every opportunity he can get to bash the system, perhaps this shouldn't surprise us. Plenty of other developers are wrapping their minds around the PS3 and delivering some pretty impressive experiences, but a few teams still lag behind ('cough' EA 'cough'). The only good news is that this is a European report, so maybe, if we're really lucky, this delay only applies to that region. …we doubt it, though. Chances are, if you want to play The Orange Box this year, you had better either have a gaming-quality PC or an Xbox 360.

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