When excellent development teams splinter, gamers always wonder if what's left behind can mange to produce the same level of quality. But according to David Jaffe, who helped create the esteemed God of War franchise, God of War III will be the "best game in the series." Jaffe left Sony this year to form his own development studio, Eat Sleep Play.

Jaffe wrote the comment in his blog a few days ago, and here's his full comment-

"The GOW team is one of the best in the game making biz. Losing key members of a team- from any department- is always a struggle. But I have no doubt the team- being as amazing as they are- will shake it off and get back to work on what promises to be the best game in the series (assuming they follow the creative and tech ideas I've heard about so far)."

Unfortunately, the team didn't only lose Jaffe. Cory Barlog has moved on as well, although he hasn't told us where he's headed. Reasons for his departure are also shrouded in mystery, but while Jaffe did address Barlog's leaving in his blog, he didn't provide us with any specific details (he'll leave that to Cory). All he would say is the following-

"Cory's moving on to some sweet ass stuff, from what I hear. I'm sure in due time he'll spill some beans."

Well, we've no doubt that's true, but in many ways, we wish the ol' team was still intact for the first next-gen iteration of God of War . It's not that we don't have faith in the rest of the team, but we would've been 100% confident the game would be drop-dead awesome if the gang was still together. Now, we have to admit we're only about 99.4% confident…

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