More and more video games are taking the film route, and while that's not exactly good news all the time, we have to admit there are certain games that should – theoretically – make for great movies. Max Payne is one of those games; its attention to character, dialogue and story development basically requires a good scriptwriter, and the action could be legendary. This is why the forthcoming "Max Payne" movie appeals to us. Of course, you need the talent to carry the vision, but that shouldn't be a problem-

Twentieth Century Fox has found a Max for their picture, and his name is Mark Wahlberg. The Academy Award nominee for "The Departed" is currently working on "The Lovely Bones" for Dreamworks and director Peter Jackson, and he is negotiating to play our favorite conflicted cop. Those of you familiar with the games remember the gripping story, which includes the death of Max's family and his quest for truth and vengeance. The franchise is also well-known for bringing us "bullet time," when we can slow down time long enough to take advantage of…well, flying bullets. We don't know if this will be in the movie (probably not), but it needed to be mentioned.

"Max Payne" will be directed by John Moore, whose credits include "Behind Enemy Lines," "Flight of the Phoenix" and "The Omen" for FOX. Beau Thorne is tackling the script while Julie Yorn and Scott Faye will handle producing through Firm Films. They plan to start shooting early next year, and this is one game-to-movie adaptation that could be downright excellent. Cross your fingers!

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