In the best news since we heard about the possible delay of the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 , Epic seems to be a little ahead of schedule and is hopeful the game will still arrive this year! Furthermore, this massively anticipated FPS remains on Sony's 2007 software lineup, which means Midway's premature UT3 PS3 announcement earlier this year was definitely jumping the gun.

According to GameSpot, Epic Games has been working hard on getting UT3 PS3 ready to go, and Mark Rein says it's in "really good shape." Rein said a little while ago he had recently played the PS3 version, and found it to be an absolute blast to play. He even sounds a bit surprised in this update, where he talks about a "small number of issues" left to fix.

"We did a pre-certification check last week and came back with a surprisingly small number of issues," Rein said. "But we don't want to be over-confident and say it is a sure thing. We still have to do a more thorough certification and things might not flesh out quite as well with a deeper test but the game is truly fantastic on PS3 so our fingers are crossed! Whether we make December or not, the good news for us and our licensees is that we've leaped a major engine hurdle on PS3 and we've hit that solid 'version 1.0' state we hit with Gears of War at that same one-year-after-console-release time frame."

As always, we want the game to be great, so we wouldn't be so crushed if Unreal Tournament 3 PS3 didn't make it this year. We want the best possible product Epic can create, but if they can do that in time for Christmas, we ain't complaining.

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