Well, this is what happens when you continually produce inferior multiplatform titles on one particular console. According to a report by Kotaku, EA has filed their three-month earnings and it seems that half of their overall revenue was courtesy of the Xbox 360. The revenue take per platform is as follows:

Obviously, EA will hope for bigger numbers from the PS3, but they'll have to do better than the likes of Madden 08 before that happens. Of course, it's a vicious circle: if they don't make much from PS3 titles, there's less motivation to refine and hone their PlayStation 3 development process. But if we keep getting lackluster EA Sports productions on Sony's next-gen console, we're going to be awfully disappointed, and so will the rest of the gaming populace. And because EA really doesn't do exclusives, this really does seem to hinge on the quality of multiplatform releases.

The single biggest video game publisher on earth might want to start learning the PS3's admittedly complex architecture; plenty of other developers are doing very well.

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