The days of being forced to wait until the final product arrives to actually play the game are over. Demos of big-name anticipated titles continue to arrive on a consistent basis, and this week is no exception: as some of you probably already know, a playable demo for Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is now on the PlayStation Store and ready for download. Naughty Dog's latest creation is already picking up some early praise, so stay tuned for our hands-on preview soon!

The only other update this week isn't news, either, as we told you all about that extra MotorStorm content . As you can see, you can download yet another patch update – 3.0 – and land yourself some nifty goodies by downloading the Devil's Weekend added content. This game has become one of the more popular online attractions on the PS3, and for good reason: the developers continually make the experience better! Granted, there are other off-road racers to play now, but few deliver the flashy, fast-paced entertainment the way MotorStorm can. It's one of those games that never stops being fun.

That's all for this week, but as the holidays inch ever closer, expect to see much more for the rest of November and December. Also, while you're online, don't forget to download firmware update 2.00 , which enables an Information Bar, customized background themes, and remote power operation via the PSP.

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