It was one of the first great games on the PS3, and the developers don't want you to forget that fact. According to the latest post over at the official PlayStation blog by Felice Standifer, Senior US producer for MotorStorm , yet another patch and more downloadable content hits today!

It's November 8, and along with the standard weekly PlayStation Store update – we'll post that shortly – we get a brand new server Update 3.0 for the engaging off-road racer, as well as the Devil's Weekend downloadable content. The patch adds support for the Dual Shock 3 with adjustable sensitivity settings, plus they've added Sixaxis motion sensing control. Furthermore, they've adopted a pretty familiar racing trait: your finishing position in the previous race will dictate your starting position in the next (within the same online lobby). Standifer also noted that the grid arrangement for the very first race is now completely random.

As for that Devil's Weekend content, we're getting 4 new tickets containing 10 races, 5 new vehicles, and 1 special unlockable vehicle. All of those new racing machines come complete with three new skins, too. However, we have this sneaking suspicion they called it "Devil's Weekend" for a reason…Standifer said something about "selling your soul to the devil," perhaps in order to master this new content. Lastly, they're tossing in a Halloween bonus (a little late, but who cares?) as a vehicle will be included in the patch that has a special Halloween skin.

These guys know how to take care of their fans, don't they?

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