You've probably already read IO Interactive's thoughts on PS3 development; they're the brains behind this month's brazen action title, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men . As you can see, while the PlayStation 3 presented the team with a stiff set of challenges, the potential is undeniable and the entire process was actually "fun."

Now, another developer of a big November title has stepped up and offered their own opinion: it's Infinity Ward, who is responsible for the excellent FPS, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare , which is available now. Rather than taking the now-dated stance that developing on Sony's next-gen console is just too hard, Infinity Ward is a breath of fresh air: they call it "easy." Apparently, the complexity of the coding just wasn't a major obstacle for them, and they say it's due to their approach. They spread out their resources and split up teams in order to attack the game simultaneously across different platforms. (source- PSU)

Said Infinity Ward- “There’s obviously some problem with all the delays we’re witnessing. I think it’s just down to allocation of resources. I think maybe people feel that they’re resource strapped and feel a little bit more comfortable working on the Xbox 360 as it’s been out a little longer [than the PS3]. We haven’t had any problems [with PS3] and that’s probably because of our development philosophy. We develop content-agnostic so we don’t have a lead platform. We have a team working on each of the different versions and everyone else forms a team who makes the content platform agnostic.”

Perhaps it's all in how you look at things. Maybe developers just need to adopt this divide-and-conquer approach for PS3 development, because it seems to have worked out just fine for these guys. Remember, all early indications are that the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are basically identical , and the PS3 one might even run a smidgen better. See, EA? It's possible.

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