Recently, 2K Sports has been eclipsing EA Sports in a variety of sports categories, including basketball. NBA 2K8 turned out better than NBA Live 08 , and 2K is hoping to keep the momentum going with this month's College Hoops 2K8 . They're preparing quite the package, too.

2K Sports has recently announced they'll be featuring no less than 90 classic teams in this year's College Hoops entry. And of those 90 teams, 69 will be player-for-player recreations of old-time greats. So if you were looking for a basketball game that would feature something like Michael Jordan's 1982 North Carolina team, than look no further; your wish will be granted very soon. In addition to this giant list of classic teams, the game will also feature 6 all-time conference teams and 15 all-time school teams. On top of it all, fans can definitely expect the same number of game modes, customization options, and new gameplay mechanics.

We may be a long ways away from March Madness, but the college basketball season is upon us, and the fans need something to play. College Hoops 2K8 is scheduled to arrive for the PS3, PS2 and Xbox 360 on November 19.

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