With the holidays comes enticing consumer deals, and therefore, that's when we usually see the biggest and best video game hardware/software bundles. Sony understands this completely, as they're apparently readying not one, not two, but three new bundles for the holiday season! Unfortunately, we only have evidence of these bundles for Europe. (source- PS3Center.net)

First up is the Sony PS3 Movie Pack. This one includes the "Spider-Man 3" Blu-Ray movie along with the 40GB PS3 for the price of 419.99 Euros. This is already available in the region (and here in the U.S. as well), so it shouldn't come as "news" to anybody who follows the industry. But we haven't heard anything about these other two until now: the second is the PS3 Gamer Pack and it comes with the excellent Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction plus the hardware for 439.99 Euros. This one is expected to arrive in retail stores on November 15. And finally, the third bundle features one game as well, but it's Naughty Dog's highly anticipated action/adventure title, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune . It's slated to ship in December for the same price point; 439.99 euros.

So far, these bundles have only been confirmed for Spain but are "likely" to release all across Europe. At this time, there's no word on whether or not those other Gamer Pack bundles will make their way to Japan or North America, but we'll keep ya posted.

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