Update: We've learned since that many European players simply weren't aware of the scheduled maintenance time, and whenever they would log in to play, they were prompted to download the patch. So of course, regardless of what time it was, they did so (so would we). Therefore, we don't want the article to sound as if those who suffered from the glitch were at fault; that's not necessarily true. Sorry Euro gamers, but remember, the team is working on a fix for you guys, and you can always try the method below.

Original Story

As any Warhawk player probably already knows, that big and highly anticipated v1.1 update became available yesterday after the scheduled 5 – 9 a.m. maintenance. And while we had no problems and downloaded the patch just fine, it seems not everyone in the world had such an easy go of things…well, they did, provided they didn't try to jump the gun.

According to some posts over at Bebo.com, it seems certain people experienced a major glitch after downloading the patch. It would say something like, "you aren't the user" and wouldn't let you play. However, after a wee bit of clarification, it seems this only happened to a certain over-eager group; those people who meet the following criteria- they don't play on the Blu-Ray version, they're in Europe, and they tried to download the patch during the maintenance window. It may not be a very large group – at least, we don't think it is – but there is a solution if you're a member.

While Incognito works on a fix for this, you can do this- delete Warhawk off the XMB, go to the Store to re-download…but evidently, you won't be able to see it. Therefore, according to Crazy Jay's advice at Bebo, you can move your cursor to the top right hand corner beside the shopping cart symbol." After clicking "Download," you will see a list of everything you've downloaded. Select Warhawk again, and go to it. You'll have to nab v1.1 again, but this time, it'll work.

This is a lesson to all you fans who can't wait- let the devs do their work during the maintenance window, and then get the patch!

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