How big is the 40GB PS3? Well, if we go by CompUSA, it's pretty damn big.

The new "entry level" model, recently introduced last month by Sony, is officially sold out according to their website . The link displays the new PS3 bundle that includes the Blu-Ray movie, "Spider-Man 3" (released on October 30), and as you can see, it's "Sold Out." A CompUSA representative said they expect to get restocked within the next couple of weeks, but as of now, you'll have to look elsewhere to get your snazzy new PS3. Oddly enough, GameStop and other retailers seem to be having difficulty keeping the 40GB model in stock, which could be both good news and bad…

It could be the latter if the only reason they're difficult to find is due to a lack of supply. However, thanks to recent hardware sales numbers and NPD predictions for the last couple weeks of October, it seems far more likely that the new PS3 is just plain popular. They're already experiencing a pretty substantial sales spike in Europe/UK , and it seems logical to expect something similar here.

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