Girls and games. During the early days of the industry, those two words were almost mutually exclusive, but at this point, more and more women are playing video games. And of course, the hotties keep popping up in games themselves…probably because the character artists were gamers in the old days, and were annoyed that chicks tended not to blend with their favorite hobby.

Well, this is for all you red-blooded male gamers out there: the December issue of PlayBoy hit stores today, and it features the 4th annual tribute to the most impossibly gorgeous video game vixens. They call this year's presentation, "Playing Rough," and boasts some very steamy pictures of the following:

You see one picture here, and for a look at Yoko Retomoto, visit G4TV's site and ogle to your eye's content. And if you're considering a purchase, remember that Kim Kardashian is on the cover of the December issue, so that's just another incentive. Girls and games. Unbelievably enough, the two have finally come together…sorta.

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