Coming to the PlayStation Network soon, from the makers of Folklore and Genji: Days of the Blade , it's Dark Mist . Some might say the announcement of a new PSN title isn't all that staggering, but there is a first to talk about here- Dark Mist will be the first downloadable Store game to support rumble for the Dual Shock 3.

Game Republic is making a name for themselves this generation – Folklore was excellent – and this new project looks pretty darn appealing. We only have baseline information right now, but according to SCEJ's official site , players will assume the role of a Warrior of Light, known as Althemis. What we'll be doing exactly is still a mystery, but perhaps it's like Okami ; the wolf brought color to a black and white world, so maybe this Warrior will bring light to a dark universe. Just a guess.

But they've been keeping this one secret from us, because we'll learn all about it in less than a week. Why? Because Dark Mist will be available for download on November 8! Granted, it's only confirmed for the Japanese PlayStation Store (price: 800 yen), but let's hope the other territories get it eventually as well. From the screenshots on their site, it does look awfully intriguing…

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