Like Valve itself so many years ago, the talented team behind Portal started from humble beginnings. The original eight-person group, known as Nuclear Monkey Software, began life at Digipen and their student project – a game known as

– was the predecessor to Portal. Valve was impressed enough by the technology to bring Nuclear Monkey on board and create a completely new game based on the Half-Life 2 engine.

If the insane physics of the gravity gun weren't enough for you, the portal gun will probably make your brain explode. A newly-released trailer showcases just a fraction of the heady puzzles you'll have to solve as you traverse environments M.C. Escher would be proud of.

Portal will likely be available with the PS3 release of Half-Life 2: Episode 2 (along with Team Fortress 2). This is the kind of innovation in gameplay that nextgen has been waiting for!

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