Much has been made of the impending firmware update 2.00 for the PlayStation 3, especially when we haven't seen anything in the way of an official announcement. We do know that the latest PSP update – firmware 3.72 – actually requires the 2.00 PS3 update for that new Remote Start feature. Not surprisingly, both units need to be upgraded in order for that to work (turn the PS3 on and off with the handheld). However, 3.72 is available now, and 2.00 is…well, it's off in mystery land somewhere.

However, if a recent reply from a ThreeSpeech representative over at their semi-official Sony blog, the update isn't too far off. In fact, we should see some news about it tomorrow, along with a release date (maybe). But at the very least, the rep says it should be out "within the next two weeks." Supposedly, we'll learn more with an official press release tomorrow, and if that's the case, great. But for now, we're still mostly in the dark concerning firmware update 2.00. Yeah, the Remote Start feature is great – for PSP owners – but what else are we going to get? It seems as if this should include some relatively significant additions and enhancements, doesn't it?

The last few updates haven't been all that earth-shattering, but we have seen major ones in 2007. At this point in time, with the holidays right around the corner, it's almost inevitable the PS3 will get another big-time firmware update. But this is all just speculation; perhaps everything we need to know will arrive tomorrow.

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