Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Michael Pachter's latest set of expectations includes more good news for Sony fans, as it seems both the PS2 and PS3 should be getting price cuts in the very near future.

According to, Pachter revealed his thoughts on the hardware and software sales through this year and into 2008. His comments are as follows:

“Sony announced a SingStar PS2 bundle for $149, and will likely cut the price for the PS2 at the beginning of next year (note that Sony recently raised its forecast for PS2 sales by 2 million this year, ending March 31, 2008)."

We've been wondering if we'd ever see that super-special $99 price tag for the seven-year-old PS2, and it seems consumers might get that very attractive price tag during the first quarter of next year. While we had hoped to see it for the holidays, Sony certainly isn't hurting in the department of PS2 sales, so they have no real reason to drop the price in 2007. And in regards to the PS3, which some gamers claim is still too expensive, Pachter believes we'll see yet another price drop in the spring.

“We expect a further price cut for the PS3 in the spring, when blockbuster games Grand Theft Auto IV and PS3 exclusives Metal Gear Solid 4, Little Big Planet and Gran Turismo 5 will launch."

If Sony drops the PS3 price just in time for those massively anticipated games, we have this feeling hardware sales will experience a gigantic spike. Heck, sales will spike for those games, anyway – especially for the exclusive MGS4 and GT5 – so can you imagine what might happen if the PS3 dropped another $50 or $100 when those titles hit…?

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