We figured it would happen, but it's good to have a legitimate confirmation. Not long ago, Naughty Dog's Evan Wells posted at the official PlayStation Blog, saying a playable demo of the upcoming action/adventure PS3 exclusive, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune , would be available 12 days before the release of the final product. And as it turns out, that statement was very, very true.

Naughty Dog's Gaming Director, Amy Henning, replied to a poster at the blog just recently, providing everyone with the official release date for that demo:

"…the demo will go live on the PSN next Thursday, November 8th.”

Sweet, that's all we needed to know. The details on this demo aren't too robust, but we do know that we'll start with Drake and Elena parachuting out of their plane onto an island. IGN has said the demo will consist of the first four levels, but that seems like a really long demo to us…remember the Heavenly Sword demo? Yeah, not many demos are four full levels long, especially when Uncharted clocks in at a semi-ridiculous 25GB of Blu-Ray space. We know a preview build of the game, offered up to some game journalists, included four levels, so maybe that's what IGN was referring to, but there's no way of knowing…until November 8, that is.

Lastly, it seems we'll be getting the final product of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune a day early in the US; the release date has been bumped up just a smidgen to November 19. We'll certainly try to get you a hands-on look at that demo ASAP once the 8th rolls around, though.

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