At this point, there's no doubt about it: developing on the PlayStation 3 can be a difficult and arduous task. However, we also need to realize that great things can come with time, and developers have to fully embrace the platform. Midway may end up doing just that, if the studio head responsible for Stranglehold gets his way.

According to GamePro (citing a Gamasutra interview), Midway's Mike Bilder believes that to avoid further PS3 project delays, they need to develop first on the PS3 and than subsequently on the Xbox 360. As we all know, the PS3 version of Stranglehold suffered a significant delay – it didn't arrive until six weeks after it released on the 360 and PC – so Midway is apparently trying to learn from their mistakes.

"If your game starts on Xbox 360 you will have to re-engineer aspects of the game to run properly on PS3. This means additional effort," Sony told GamePro. This being the case, Bilder says the solution is to simply start on the PS3.

"With the PS3 and the 360, it's certainly more of a level playing field, so I don't think it's necessarily a negative to put the PS3 first," he said. "But it does help mitigate some of that risk in frame rate, memory, technology, just the hardware differences."

The framerate issue has plagued many a multiplatform PS3 title to date, including several EA Sports installments; we all remember the far inferior PS3 version of Madden 08 . However, since then, Sony has worked to extend internal resources to partner developers, which should represent appreciated assistance. If Sony offers this help and a developer accepts, many of the development problems should be averted. And as far as Bilder is concerned, it only makes sense to tackle the difficult part of multiplatform developing first: start on the PS3.

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