The folks at Insomniac have spent a lot of time playing and developing shooters, which is probably why PSM editors came back to the office with some black eyes in addition to new multiplayer details concerning Resistance: Fall of Man.

If you've spent any time in the past few years playing the developer's Ratchet and Clank games, it's hard not to notice their obsession with gunplay and the series' slow metamorphosis from action-platformer to third-person shooter extrordanaire. Insomniac is pushing those tendencies even futher, planning to keep you up late at night with massive multiplayer matches – up to 40 people at once! That's 8 more than the 32 promised at E3 just a couple months ago.

At least two modes will be included for release – deathmatch and MELTDOWN. Deathmatch is, of course, the age-old standby of the genre, whereas the latter mode takes cues from more strategic elements of games like Starsiege Tribes, Unreal Tournament's "Onslaught," and R&Cs own "Node" match. For the inexperienced, the basic idea is to take over control points and, eventually, the opposing team's base by holding and fortifying said points. It's battle on a larger and more calculated scale, emphasizing teamwork over individual accomplishment.

Deathmatch can be played offline, as well as 2-player Co-op.

Seek out a copy of the most recent issue of PSM for more of the story.

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