This rumor is a little twisted and confused, and because it has been translated from one European site and already mangled by several Internet sources, it'll be tough to get it 100% correct. But we'll do our best, because it's a good rumor…and we all know how much our readers like a good rumor.

So here's the story- it seems TopCow Comics has accidentally confirmed that Starbreeze Studios is currently working on a sequel for this year's top-notch FPS, The Darkness . An employee apparently told Dutch rapper "Lycan-Strife" that Starbreeze was developing The Darkness 2 "in secret" for next-generation consoles. The rapper had already written a tribute rap to the original title, and perhaps because of this, the TopCow employee told him about this sequel. Then, Lycan-Strife turned around and told Dutch website Xbox360Only, who reported on this today. And for the record, we doubt The Darkness 2 will be exclusive to the 360.

If this train of information is accurate, the sequel should hit some time later next year or early 2009 and it will continue right where the original title left off. This wouldn't be a surprise to anyone, but for now, a string of he-said, she-said from several overseas sources doesn't translate to "official."

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