The rampant rumors that Bioshock might eventually make its way to the PS3 haven't yielded anything official, but perhaps the team is working on a different PS3 title. As you can see by this job listing , 2K Boston – the team responsible for that awesome atmospheric FPS – is seeking a Senior Console Programmer. No, that's not very interesting all by itself, but look closely below "Required Experience and Skills." It's one line all by itself:

"Experience with PS3 development is highly desirable."

That's what we like to see! Obviously, this doesn't mean the team is working on Bioshock PS3, but it certainly means they're probably planning to enter Sony's realm at some point. The last time we saw a job description featuring the PS3, it was for Crytek (makers of the PC exclusive, Crysis ), and that kicked off a major firestorm of rumors. As it turns out, Crysis isn't coming to the PS3, but Crytek is working (secretly) on a PS3 game. We can only assume the same of 2K Boston.

So…watcha workin' on, guys?

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