Retailers are often a good source of release date information, primarily because publishers need to keep them apprised of any new updates if they want to keep that pre-order date even semi-accurate. And if that's the case, it appears that the highly anticipated PS3 FPS, Haze , may have suffered a brief delay.

The official release date sits at November 27 for the game, but according to GameStop, the date is now December 4. We have no further information at this time, but we imagine all the negative debate and speculation will begin soon after reading this news story. Certain PS3 titles have been plagued by delays this year – the recently released Stranglehold is one of them – and any time there's even the slightest delay, everyone begins to scream: "see, the PS3 is too hard to develop for!" Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves here, okay?

Even if it is a week, it's still out before the holidays, and it's still exclusive to the PS3 in 2007. On top of which, it may not even be written in stone. We had heard the Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction release was pushed back to October 30, but it still shipped on its original date of October 23. We'll see if we can dig up anything on this new Haze release, but in the meantime, don't go ape just 'cuz GameStop says it's 12/4 and not 11/27. One week can't kill ya.

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