Unfortunately, it's not coming this year – much to the chagrin of millions of gamers everywhere – but that doesn't mean Rockstar can't start promoting it. Apparently, they've already shipped out Grand Theft Auto IV dummy boxes for display in retail stores!

Those of you who don't believe box art has an impact on sales are just being naive, although one could make the argument that GTAIV will sell plenty simply due to its name. Anyway, you can check out pics of these dummy boxes here , and as you can see, there are three different boxes on display. It seems that retailers are also getting a note along with the shipment, which says a fourth box design is on the way. …perhaps they're holding it back until we learn more about the game? Or maybe it's box art for the Collectors Edition?

As of now, GTAIV should release some time early next spring for the PS3 and Xbox 360, and while we've had plenty of news and info on the game, we have yet to see any real gameplay. In fact, this box art is just about the only images we have that aren't embedded in a preview video. But if you're one of those rumor-starters, don't read too much into the dummy boxes arriving at retailers; there's no evidence of this title arriving sooner than expected.

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