Hopefully, this is a sign that Epic is nearing completion of this massively anticipated FPS. If you wander on over to the official Unreal Tournament 3 website , you'll notice they just provided us with a relatively huge update.

We get to check out all kinds of new stuff, from vehicles to weapons to characters, plus a bunch of extra media! This is one slick site already – and it's not even completed yet – so don't miss your chance to brush up on your UT3 IQ. The media is great; they've got several videos and screenshots for your perusal, and that includes trailers and event footage. Also, don't forget to examine all those new vehicles; some of those things look absolutely nuts, and there are more vehicles than weapons! There's more concept art, too. This title is shaping up to be an absolutely necessary addition to any gamer's library, and we're all hoping the team can manage to hit their pre-Christmas release goal.

There is a spot for Latest News on the site, so perhaps that's where we'll find any new updates concerning Epic's progress. Initially, Midway announced the game would be delayed until 2008, but Epic quickly stated the PC version was on track for November, and they were working hard to deliver the PS3 version this year as well. The Xbox 360 version, while once rumored to have been canceled altogether, is still in the works and scheduled to arrive some time next year.

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