History buffs are probably a big fan of the History channel, and if they're also gamers, they likely enjoyed the recently released The History Channel: Great Battles of Rome . But of course, history doesn't begin and end with Rome; those gamin' historians are accelerating through time a bit to bring us a new title: The History Channel: Great Battles of the Middle Ages .

A blend of role-playing and turn-based strategy, this one – which plays similarly to its predecessor – will focus on the major conflict between England and France during the Hundred Years War in medieval times. The following features, via Strategy Informer, have been revealed for the game-

Next generation engine with advanced shader effects and lighting.

Free form quest map that allows players to decide when and where to fight within a historical framework.

More than 20 different units all accurately researched and carefully modelled in amazing detail.

Weapons and shields are added to each unit by the player, meaning an almost infinite number of equipment combinations are possible.

Every equipment change changes the appearance of the models. Never before has this kind of customization been possible on such a scale.

Specialize your squads with over 100 unique skills.

Animations and behaviour change to match the equipment you have allocated.

Play as the English under the Black Prince or the French under Joan of Arc.

Historical events effecting game play.

Innovative Battle Card system that gives bonuses and penalties in battle.

The most detailed and realistic medieval combat model ever created.

Special ambush missions.

Story movies created from hundreds of hours of The History Channel's library combined with in game engine footage.

Completely new control and battle system designed to work on console and PC.

Multiplayer over LAN & Internet.

The History Channel: Great Battles of the Middle Ages is currently in the works and is scheduled to release for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC some time in 2008.

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