Sometimes, it can be difficult to glean new information from foreign websites, but it seems Portuguese gaming site, LusoPlay, has some very interesting details on both The Getaway 3 and Eight Days , two mysterious PS3 titles. Most avid PS3 followers have probably heard of these games, but we know very, very little about either.

The translation is a bit rough, but as far as we can figure, each game had a recent video presentation and both caused a minor uproar when they released. And apparently, while there are plenty of awesome titles slated for November, there's another surprise on tap: a "small event" is being prepped, and we'll learn more then. For now, Team Soho remains hard at work on The Getaway 3 and the "development is already advanced, and now the whole structure of the environment and scenarios finalized." As of now, the team is ready to switch gears and start focusing on the storyline and core gameplay. But maybe that's not the most surprising tidbit of info.

LusoPlay claims their source is "safe," and that source says the game is "equal to the level of graphic video shown at GDC 2006." Many of us remember that impossibly pretty presentation, and one of those screenshots is sitting right here. Gorgeous, huh? But everyone questioned if that was realistic, and most dismissed it as nothing more than a "technical potential" presentation. Could this source be correct in saying the final product really will look that good? And as of right now, both The Getaway 3 and Eight Days are loosely scheduled for "Q2 2008."

Let's hope we start seeing some stateside info on both titles before too long.

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