Sometimes, things just get blown out of proportion due to a passing comment that wasn't even very accurate to begin with. Such is the case with the rampant rumors that Assassin's Creed ran into substantial issues when the developers were working on the PS3 version. We also heard something about problems "fitting" the game on a simple Xbox 360 DVD. But as it turns out, none of it is true.

The person who made those initial comments regarding "technical issues" on the PS3 and 360 was Patrice Desilets, Creative Director for the Assassin's Creed development team. And during another recent interview with NZGamer, he cleared the air-

NZGamer : On the internet there have been huge dramas over a comment during an interview you made regarding technical issues on the 360 and PS3. Want to clear that up for us?

: (Laughs) "Well, I wasn't supposed to answer that question the first time. Basically my role isn't the technical side of the game but I was asked what were the biggest challenges we faced… Maybe, also, it was my English as I'm not very good with my tenses. I mean, the game is almost gold, so it'll be on DVD on the 360, everything which needed to be figured out for the PS3. We didn't cut anything, it's all there.

Another thing, when I did that interview, it was in September, there was an embargo, and they couldn't print it for another three weeks. So the “problems” were being reported when it wasn't the case. The game will be out on time, on both platforms, and everything is fine. There really is no issue!"

There, see? You all get worked up into a tizzy for no reason, and all that debate and speculation didn't mean a thing. So if you keep hearing about the PS3 version running poorly or the 360 version suffering from a lack of allotted space, pay it no mind. Both versions will be great.

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