Today, EA has announced that Burnout Paradise , the next installment in one of the most critically acclaimed racing franchises in history, is scheduled to arrive in stores in North America on January 22, 2008. Furthermore, a playable demo should hit the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live some time in December.

Burnout is known for delivering blistering speed and impossible collisions, all strung together to create a high-adrenaline racing experience that's second to none. In Paradise , players will have "total freedom to explore and discover the world at their leisure." This is a major change from previous entries, in that you will drive around an open world and take on the challenges you wish.

"The Burnout series has always been about reinvention," said Alex Ward, Creative Director at EA Criterion. "Burnout Paradise does exactly that. This is the definitive Burnout experience because Paradise removes all restrictions, breaks all the rules and puts the control in your hands. We're taking risks with Paradise but we believe that every iteration of Burnout stands on its own and we feel Paradise is the best Burnout yet."

We're talking about all kinds of new features for this next-gen Burnout , and that includes the sweet-sounding Stunt Mode, shortcuts known as "Burnout Routes," a player's own "Burnout Mugshot," and much more! We'll be able to sample a lot of this in that demo that should hit before Christmas, and if you want to get a jump on things, pre-order the game at GameStop. Those who do will receive an exclusive car, "Steel Wheels." It's a "heavily modified Steel Wheels GT Concept car, and it boasts full armor-plating and a supercharged 6735cc V8. So yeah, that's one crazy vehicle. Remember, racing fans, Burnout Paradise will arrive on January 22 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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