With firmware update 1.94 already shipping with the Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction disc (the update includes rumble compatibility for the Dual Shock 3), it'd be a little surprising to learn of another update right around the corner. However, according to an "informed UK reader," firmware 2.00 is scheduled to release on Tuesday, October 30 (source- Kotaku).

Supposedly, we'd get a complete Cross Media Bar customization kit (of sorts), a separate PlayStation Network category, music and photo playlists and the nifty ability to activate the PS3's power via PSP remote play. You can turn your system on and off with the Sixaxis, so why not with another handheld device, right? Anyway, here's what will be included in the rumored firmware update 2.00:

Turn your PS3 on and off with PSP Remote play

A new PLAYSTATION Network category

A TV Category for those who install PlayTV into their HDD (SCEE only)

Playlist for Music & Photo

Content group for Video & Game

XMB customization (Custom theme & background color setting) : "This will come with one alternative custome theme. Addition generic themes will be available for download via www.playstation.com with game title themes to follow on Nov 20th, distributed via the Store (PS/PC). The cost of the game themes haven't been decided yet. Guidelines for users to create their own Custom Themes will be distributed via www.playstation.com shortly after the firmware hits.
Information Board: This will be shown in the top right of the screen and include news feeds from Playstation.com as well as store updates. The board came be set to ticker mode, list mode, details mode or disabled."

Trend Micro Web Security for PS3™ internet browser : "This is a parental lock for website viewing that will initially be free but that Trend Micro will later charge for."

We'll have to wait and see if any of this gets confirmed by Sony between now and Tuesday, but for now, it's certainly fun to look at. Let's hope 2.00 is the real deal.

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