Another week, and another significant PlayStation Store update. This week, we get a new addition to Ninja Gaiden Sigma , several top-notch game and movie trailers, and that multi-functional EyeCreate software, designed for use with the PlayStation Eye. It lets you "capture, edit and share your own video creations," so if you've got this sweet little gadget, you'll be able to record videos, take photographs, and capture audio! But if that's not your bag, there are plenty of other things to check out.

If you log into the Store today, here's all the new stuff you will find:

New Software

PS1 Classics

Extra Game Content

Game Videos

Movie and Blu-ray Disc Trailers

PS3 Wallpaper

That "Rachet Master" download for Ninja Gaiden Sigma has you trying to survive five different levels of fiend-ridden insanity, which could prove challenging with the buxom axe-wielder. Oh, and while it's not a new addition to the Store, it's now cheaper: you can pick up the Spider-Man 3 Goblin add-on for only $2.99.

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