Those of you who play Warhawk regularly are well aware of the sweeping orchestral tracks that accompany your frequent ass-kicking, which means the music plays a significant role in your experience. Well, if you want to bring a portion of that experience with you on the go, head on over to iTunes and download those very same tracks!

SCEA has announced that this soundtrack, featuring 21 original tracks from Warhawk , is now available for download at the iTunes music store. Part of the official released statement reads as follows-

"Composed by Christopher Lennertz and Timothy Michael Wynn, this musical masterpiece allows gamers to reminisce about their experiences in the non-stop, heart-pounding, adrenaline pumping action of Warhawk and will also get them amped for their next big match."

All you need to do is put in a search for "Warhawk" and get to downloading. Sometimes, that great music doesn't kick in until after a few minutes of play, but when it does, it certainly enhances the "absorption" factor. As with any online multiplayer game, the gameplay must reign supreme, but the music is always important. You know you want the Warhawk soundtrack on your iPod!

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