Top Gear , the BAFTA and Emmy Award-winning television series, has teamed up with Sony for work on the upcoming racing blockbuster, Gran Turismo 5 . As you can see in the article, Top Gear is preparing an "iconic test track" for the game, and that won't be all.

Players will be able to download classic Top Gear episodes through the recently confirmed Gran Turismo TV. This feature came to light in the past few weeks, and the rumor was confirmed when it popped up in the Japanese demo of Gran Turismo 5: Prologue . Included at the time were three real-life racing-related videos, and it's clear Sony and Polyphony will be using GT TV to deliver another dose of true authenticity to this ultra-realistic driving simulator. Oh, and speaking of Prologue , it seems this Top Gear content will be available for viewing in the demo, but it won't include their TG track.

Lastly, Sony apparently said the final version of Gran Turismo 5 is due out around "Christmas 2008" and told Top Gear to expect "around 900 cars" in the game! Yeah, that's a lot of cars, and we had actually expected to see less; perhaps they're including all the downloadable cars that might come in the future…? Well, either way, it's good to see Top Gear on board with GT5.

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