While many critics hailed the PS3 version of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion as the best version available, players haven't yet had the chance to play the Shivering Isles expansion, which has been available for the Xbox 360 and PC versions for some time. A couple weeks ago, we learned Bethesda would be working hard to deliver this expansion to the PS3 version of Oblivion , via standard retail Blu-Ray disc or PlayStation Store download.

Now, this extra content is already available in the Game of the Year edition, but if you don't have that one, this will be your chance to get the expansion: Shivering Isles will be released as a standalone disc for the PS3 version of Oblivion , as reported at the Bethesda Blog yesterday. Obviously, just as with the Xbox 360 version, you'll need the full game before you can play the expansion (duh). So if you love this award-winning RPG but passed on the Game of the Year edition, you'll have to fork over some extra cash come November.

Shivering Isles PS3 is slated to arrive in North America on November 21 for the somewhat typical expansion price of $29.99.

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