Warhawk fans were no doubt excited (and relieved) to learn about the upcoming patch v1.1 , but some of them may have been surprised yesterday: those who picked up the Blu-Ray version were suddenly able to download this patch, and before any official announcement from Incognito or Sony. As we reported in that story, this patch was supposed to arrive by the end of the month…but not this soon.

According to a quick post by Game Director Dylan Jobe over at the official PlayStation blog, this was a mistake. Some US players – again, only the ones using the Blu-Ray disc – were "inadvertently able to download the v1.1 patch prior to its official, worldwide deployment." We were one of those lucky ones who downloaded and installed that patch; we didn't notice anything untoward, although there was a mysterious disappearance of ranked games for a while. Incog has fixed it, though, and they've taken the patch offline until they're really ready to release it.

But if you're like us and you have downloaded the patch, Jobe recommends that you go the XMB bar and under "Game Data Utility," delete the Warhawk game data. When you're done, simply re-boot the game and you'll once again be playing with v1.0. He also said we shouldn't worry- this will not impact our accrued statistics or Save Game data. Well, thank God for that. For the record, they are still planning for an end-of-October release for v1.1, and we'll let you know when the official announcement is made.

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