Despite their appreciation of the Unreal Engine 3, it seems Midway continues to encounter problems with impending PS3 multiplatform software. According to ArsTechnica, the latest casualty is Blacksite: Area 51 , which has apparently run into multiple issues during the course of the PS3 version's development.

First, they learned certain online features (like voice chat) would be mysteriously missing from this version, but now, an "insider" is saying the problems are bigger than that. "The PS3 version is experiencing issues and missed deadlines," he told the site. And due to these missed deadlines, Midway isn't too happy with the way things are progressing, which could likely point to a delay for both the demo and full game. Whether all this is specifically related to the UE3 engine or whether it's more of a developer-centric conundrum, we don't know, but we have heard this before.

Koei cited major issues when developing the PS3 version of Fatal Inertia , which led to significant delays and even a rumored cancellation. Stranglehold , which went gold yesterday , went through a big delay as well, and we're still not sure if Unreal Tournament III PS3 will make it out this year. We wonder how long these problems will continue, but we should be encouraged by what we've seen from first and second-party developers already. If they can make Heavenly Sword , Warhawk , and Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction , Midway and other third-party devs should be able to get up to speed. …right?

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